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[[en]]Visit locations[[pl]]Odwiedzaj miejsca[[tr]]Mekanlari zi̇yaret edi̇n. [[en]]Get rewards[[pl]]Zgarniaj nagrody[[tr]]Ödülleri̇ kapin.

[[en]]Over 1 500 000 locations await you![[pl]]Ponad 1 500 000 lokacji czeka na Ciebie![[tr]]1 500 000'den fazla mekan sizi bekliyor!

[[en]]What can I get for Geon Coins?[[pl]]Jak mogę użyć Geon Coiny?[[tr]]Geon Paraları ile neler alabilirim?

[[en]]You can use collected GeonCoins to pay for great prizes - Steam gift cards, PayPal cash transfers and more.[[pl]]Możesz wymienić zebrane Geon Coiny na nagrody takie jak karty podarunkowe Steam, doładowania PayPal, gry, vouchery i zniżki.[[tr]]Toplanan GeonCoins'i harika ödüller için - Steam hediye kartları, PayPal nakit transferi ve daha fazlası için kullanabilirsiniz.
[[en]]How to expand your business with Geon?[[pl]]Jak ulepszyć swoją fimę przy pomocy Geona?[[tr]]Geon ile işinizi nasıl genişletirsiniz?


“GEON Network represents an entirely new way to distribute value.”
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“Trend-setting companies are implementing it, along with other groundbreaking technologies, to transform everything from charitable giving to retail design to market research.One example of this is Geon Network with their blockchain-based AR mobile app. ”
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“GEON Network is the ideal AR platform to implement at sports venues, events, expos and fairs, as it is easy to use, securely backed by blockchain technology and adaptable to any space.  ”
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“GEON Network – a booming name in the world of marketing industry – provides the ideal platform for businesses to showcase a strong statement that they truly care about the experiences of their customers.”
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“Today, more and more location based augmented reality applications and games are making their way into the market. One such name gaining attraction in the market space is GEON Network ”
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“Geon.network is an interesting model as it's creating a virtual economy that users can locate, fund and mine for coins”
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